6-Figures is a professional, social experiential network for highly accomplished women.

We are CEOs, C-Suite Executives, Partners, SVP & VPs, MDs & Directors, Founders, Owners, and Entrepreneurs. 

We are decision makers, influencers, connectors, and collaborators.  

This is the 6-Figures story:

We are a movement, a platform, and an opportunity for women to meet, form relationships, and create synergies.  We are highly social, welcoming, and united in our desire to support each other in our professional and personal pursuits.   Open to professional women with 10+ years of transformative leadership experience, diversity is our strength.  We welcome women from all industries, job functions, company sizes, and life experiences. 

Jan Mercer Dahms founded 6-Figures in Late 2012 in response to her networking experiences in NYC.  At the time, she was the CFO of an international healthcare organization and came to the realization that most of the people in her network "looked like her."  Craving a community of diverse, professional women, she experimented with numerous groups and attended countless events.  Usually, she would leave an event uninspired, thinking to herself, "I could do this better."  So, after 6 months of endless networking cheese cubes, tasteless crackers, and tired feet, she personally invited 35 women out for cocktails.  And the rest is history...actually, the rest is herstory. 

Fast forward three years and over 40 events later, thousands of introductions have been made via 6-Figures.  The results have produced material financial outcomes and incredibly meaningful relationships.  Women have referred each other for business, hired each other, formed partnerships, helped each other raise capital, and have launched businesses together.  Perhaps even more important are the lasting friendships that have been formed.  After all, we all like to do business with people we like.  6-Figures is fundamentally changing how professional women network, support each other, and grow. 

6-Figures women open their networks, minds, and hearts to each other.  6-Figures women care.  We want to do good in the world.  And, we're serious about advancing our careers.  Want to be a part of revolutionizing how professional women do business together?  You've come to the right place. 

About Jan Mercer Dahms

Founder, 6-Figures | For Accomplished Women

Founder & CEO, SWIG | Sealed With Intentional Goodness

Devoted to creating opportunities for people and companies to connect, engage, inspire, and motivate, Jan Mercer Dahms builds great end-user experiences from the bottom-up.  In addition to leading 6-Figures, Jan is the Founder and CEO of SWIG | Sealed With Intentional Goodness.  A brand experience, organizational development, and customer relations consulting agency, SWIG is where companies build widely successful experiences for their clients, potential customers, social networks, employees, and communities at large. 

Serving a diverse client base that includes early stage technology, global healthcare, media, fashion, beauty, education, retail, pharma, and finance, her work addresses critical areas that can make or break a company brand: performance, trust, and reputation.  Her front-line, “getting close to the customer” approach has well-served a 20+ year, C-Suite career spanning employee engagement, organizational design, branding and re-branding launches, business development, and marketing and communications strategy.  In addition to her own consulting practice, Jan has served in in-house C-Suite and senior management roles in companies and organizations as diverse as Plum Alley, Teach For America and Medicis Pharmaceutical Corporation.   In her last "day job," Jan was the CFO of International Planned Parenthood. 

Jan speaks in public extensively on building best in class brands, competitive advantage, employee engagement, networking, and personal branding.  Jan earned a MBA in International Business and resides in NYC. 

P.S. Jan laughs A LOT.  When you join our 6-Figures community, be prepared to smile, laugh, and have a fabulous time.