6-Figures is a professional, social experiential network for highly accomplished women.

We are a movement, a platform, and an opportunity for women to meet, form relationships, and explore synergies.  We're highly social, welcoming, and united in our desire to support each other in our professional and personal pursuits.

We have purpose

We have purpose

6-Figures members are accomplished.

Open to professional women with 10+ years of transformative leadership experience, diversity is our strength.  We welcome women from all industries, job functions, company sizes, and professional and life experiences. 

We create meaning

We create meaning

We are decision makers, influencers, connectors, and collaborators.  

We are CEOs, C-Suite executives, Partners, SVP & VPs, MDs & Directors, Founders, Owners, and Entrepreneurs.  Many of us are launching new ventures.  We reinvent, innovate, and create.  

We do the right thing

We do the right thing

We take action to make our communities stronger and healthier. 

In addition to creating careers that matter, we are daughters, wives, significant others, friends, the sandwich generation, travelers, caregivers, and global citizens.  We mentor, nurture, and give back.

It’s something that leaves you feeling connected, respected, and included. It’s a celebration of where you’ve been, what you’ve accomplished, and what your future holds.

We do things differently. 

6-Figures provides the opportunity, platform, and infrastructure for women to connect and form meaningful relationships.  

We are much more than a networking group.  We're a movement, a sisterhood, and a support system.  We are authentically accomplished, and we truly want to make the world a healthier and happier place.  We don't want to be fixed -- we're already fabulous! -- but we do crave continuous learning and advancement.  We like to do business with people we genuinely like...dare we even say adore, treasure, and respect. 

Highlights of the new 6-Figures membership program include:

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Please join us at an upcoming event.

We socialize, network, enjoy fancy food and adult beverages, learn from industry experts, and share knowledge.  And yes, we have a lot of fun.  Our event themes are diverse, just like the fabulous women that make up the 6-Figuers community.

All event invitations are personally delivered to your email in-box.  Make sure to check our schedule regularly, we will be adding new events frequently.  All events currently take place in NYC.

What have we been up to?  Quite a bit!

You're invited to take a look at the magic we've created over the last three years. 

From investment strategies and creating an impactful legacy to the psychology of color and cyber security to our always popular partner collaborations and BYOD (Bring Your Own Dude) events, you name it, we can organize a highly engaging event around it!

6-Figures engages with women with 10+ years of transformative, leadership experience.

We are CEOs, C-Suite Executives, VPs, Directors, Founders, Owners, Partners, Solopreneurs, Intrapreneurs, and Entrepreneurs.  We are accomplished, proud, and humble.

Many of us are executives in the corporate sector.  Many of us have launched and scaled highly profitable businesses, side ventures, and/or are planning our next big move.  And, many of us are in professional transition...strategizing our Plan B.  We span diverse industries, company sizes, and job functions.  We're innovative, creative, and resourceful. 

We are 6-Figures.